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Proclaiming the Gospel of the Resurrection of Christ Jesus and Announcing His Soon Return.
Inspiration And Information For A Biblically Oriented, Christian World-View   C o u n t e r


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To put the question another way:
Is "THE" God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob -

"THE" God of the Bible -
actually and really and truly the SAME God as the God of Islam and of all the Moslems?

The Answer is: NO !
That answer is according to "THE" God of Abraham !

Because of the Arab's hatred of the Jews, all of Islam is at war with the express wishes of THE God of Abraham.

Moslems can NOT legitimately claim to be followers of THE God of Abraham while in open rebellion against that SAME God !

THE God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob insists, unequivocally, that ALL genuinely authentic believers in Him absolutely MUST accept Christ Jesus as not only God's Son but also as their own personal Lord, Saviour and High Priest.

This requirement about Christ Jesus, imposed and
enforced by "THE" God of Abraham, exposes the

Fatal  Flaw
in the religious beliefs of Islam and of all the Moslems (Muslims).

There is no way for Moslems to get around the fact that Islam completely rejects this specific requirement imposed, by "THE" God of Abraham, and enforced on all who claim to be faithful believers of that SAME, exact, identical God.

All other considerations of the matter pale into complete and utter insignificance, since the matter of Christ Jesus is supremely paramount in God's own determination of just whom is an authentic believer in "THE" God of Abraham and of just whom is simply a false professor, a fraud, a faker, and a poser.

"THE" God of Abraham has required, for the past 2,000 years, that the ONLY "Way" to Him and to His salvation is through personal individual acceptance of Christ Jesus  AS  GOD.

To THAT singularly important requirement, acceptance of Christ Jesus, imposed and enforced by "THE" God of Abraham, Islam dictates and Moslems cry aloud NEVER !

Thereby sealing their own eternal doom. For if any individual soul rejects Christ Jesus as their own personal Saviour, that soul is self-condemned to a lost eternity...

.... according to "THE" God of Abraham.

Click Here - Download The Arabic Christian Bible





"THE" God of Abraham authored the final word on "Religion" about 2,000 years ago, you can believe His Word or you can believe whatever else you wish - but ONLY God's Word extends the power of salvation. Everything else (both older and newer) is wishful thinking, imaginary psychological constructs & fanciful delusions.

Suit yourself !   It is your eternal gamble with your own soul !

Most spiritual God-seekers and transcendental questers are outside the Body of Christ:

Which means that they are UN-SAVED!

There are FAR more souls, worldwide, seeking God in places & ways where God can NOT be found, than there are scripturally astute, Holy Spirit taught, Word-oriented, Word-filled Christians who have genuine fellowship & communion with God, and who have the assurance of authentic salvation.

If the Arab's father, Ish'ma-el, would have followed "THE" God of A'bra-ham back during the time of Abraham, Moh'am-ed (Muhammad) would have never been deceived into following the false god Allah.

It is a monumental case of bad luck for all Moslems that Mohammed never met an authentic Christian believer during his lifetime, and that Mohammed never had access to Christian Holy Scriptures.

For if Mohammed would have had contact with authentic Christians, and if he had been fully informed by Christian Holy Scriptures, the Arabs would today be Christians instead of anti-Christian and Jew-haters.

By the time of Mohammed, the descendants of Ishmael had twice missed-out on opportunities to become followers of THE One True God, "THE" God of their father Abraham.

Because Mohammed was located in the middle of far-western Arabia, he only had access to the religious thoughts, beliefs and practices of individuals from heretical Hebrew sects and from esoteric quasi-Christian cults. (i.e. Gnostics, etc.)

While Israel (the original "Holy Land") had been the epicenter of authentic God-ordained religion, Arabia was located in a religious no-man's-land, located far out beyond the backside of the desert, far away from religious influence by authentic Christians.

Israel - the land - was where God selected a location for His temple.

Israel - the land - was a gift from God to Israel - the tribe - and the Hebrew tribe was designated by "THE" God of Abraham as the "Chosen" people of God.

By comparison, the Arabs dwelt in a spiritual and physical wilderness.

In the desolate spiritual isolation of paganistic and heathenistic Arabia, Mohammed had no contact with "THE" God of Abraham.

Click Here - Download The Arabic Christian Bible




It is interesting (and, also, quite eerie too)...
That, in Islamic belief, the same character that fits the Christian Bible's concept of the Antichrist is presented as a person whom Islam is going to revere and whom Muslims are going to follow as Islam's saviour (Islam's messiah).
In Islamic belief, the 12th Imam (The Mahdi) is called "the rightly-guided one" but, as described in Islamic belief, The Mahdi's attributes and characteristics are a perfect description of the Christian Bible's Antichrist figure.

The Christian Bible's Antichrist and Islam's messiah-figure (Mahdi) are identical.

While this is really BAD! news for Muslims, that's not all of the bad news, because...
Islam's concept of an Antichrist-like figure, whom all of Islam is to oppose and resist (hate), perfectly fits the description and attributes of Christ Jesus in the Christian Bible. The Muslims are being set-up by their OWN! religion to (falsely) believe that when Christ Jesus actually returns, in person, Christ Jesus will be perceived by Muslims as the Islamic version of the Antichrist and the Muslims will be prepared to fight against Christ Jesus.

The Mahdi is falsely depicted as the ultimate saviour of mankind and is expected to be the prophesied redeemer of Islam. It is believed (imagined, like a fairy-tale) that al-Mahdi will change the world into a perfect and just Islamic society. But all of this Islamic belief and hope will turn out to be nothing more than pure fiction, a dirty trick played on Muslims by Satan. The Muslims are actively being deceived (set-up) into believing that a figure with the attributes and characteristics of the Christian Bible's Antichrist (Satan's agent) is going to be Islam's saviour.
Satan has managed to convince the Muslims that the Christian's Antichrist will be Islam's "Good-Guy".

If Satan has his way with Muslim beliefs, it will yield immense truth to the old quip: "Why did God ever make so many Muslims? --- So that Hell might be full!"
For if Satan actually DOES! have his way with the Muslims, and if Satan succeeds in deceiving most all of them into following the Antichrist, there will be more than a billion Muslims who will end up in Hell.

Anyone who is familiar with the Book of Ezekiel can plainly see that the prophesied end-times alignment of nations in opposition to Christ Jesus will include all of the Islamic (Muslim) nations.

For the Muslims, it will be a naturally perfect fit.
Since Islam already hates both Jews and Christians,
all of Islam will be easily and eagerly led to oppose the Hebrew/Christian Messiah when He returns.




It is KNOWN that Mohammed was illiterate.

It is WELL KNOWN that numerous other people noted some of Mohammed's thoughts, messages, visions and half-remembered dreams on whatever was at hand (on palm leaves, on clay tablets, on rocks, on cave walls, on animal skins, etc).

And it is VERY WELL KNOWN that most of those writings did not survive after Mohammed's death.

This absence of original documentation renders the Quran (Or, Koran - Islam's Holy Book, or "Bible") highly suspect, a woefully incomplete and fragmented work of profanity inspired by blightingly sensual fantasies, fantastic bald-faced lies and half-remembered dreams.

Because illiteracy was prevalent among most all 7th and 8th century Arabs, early followers of Mohammed committed Islam's teachings to memory. As the oral tradition of Islam spread outside of western Arabia, the lack of a "Source Text" confirming Islam's teachings led to many private and varied interpretations of Islam, which led to religious confusion, and eventually led to massive sectarianism (i.e. The Sunni, Shi'ite and Sufi Islamic sects, formed and firmly entrenched before today's Koran was widely disseminated and well before widespread Arab literacy was the norm).

The Koran, as we know it today, was compiled more than 200 years after the death of Mohammed in response to Islamic sectarianism, but the Genie was already out-of-the-bottle as far as Islamic sectarianism was concerned.

Within the Koran, Islam borrows heavily from a type of heretical Christian Gnosticism that was developed during the 2nd and 3rd century CE, more than 400 years before the time of Mohammed. The best example of Islam borrowing from Gnosticism is the Koran's propagation of the well-known Gnostic heresy that denies the physical Crucifixion of Christ Jesus.

Islam's conception of a substitute person being crucified instead of Christ Jesus is identical in every detail to Gnostic teachings which appeared before CE 250, and that same Gnostic heresy persists unto today among many non-Christians.

In denying the literal Crucifixion of Christ Jesus, both Islam and the Gnostics deny the shedding of blood for the remission of sin by a perfect Levitical sacrifice of the Lamb Of God, thereby denying both the physical Resurrection and the Deity of Christ Jesus.

Which means that even today's Moslems cannot be positively assured that additions and embellishments were not included in the Quran as it was assembled (quite simply cobbled-together) from its few remaining available sources after the death of Mohammed about 1,400 years ago.

In opposition to the Quran's dubious authority and lack of believability, and in opposition to the Quran's complete absence of original, authentic or historic documentation, both the Hebrew Holy Scriptures (The Old Testament) and the entire Christian Bible are based upon numerous ancient manuscripts of excellent historic, academic and theological repute.

Since "THE" God of Abraham is THE REAL GOD, and since He is omnipotent (all-powerful), God is entirely capable of preserving His Word in ancient Biblical manuscripts that are in splendidly remarkable agreement. Rendering tremendous and overwhelming authority to both their innate believability and to their veracity as the means to know "THE" God of Abraham - as the means to obtain His Salvation.


Islamic scholars have long advocated studying the Quran by beginning with its last chapter first, progressing backward toward the front a chapter at a time, in order to derive any sense of logic from its contents.

But this approach begs the issue because, when read literally, the Quran is so contradictory and ambiguous that it is nothing more than just another example of mankind's amateurish attempts at concocting a religion.

While the Quran is religiously idiotic and infantile, it is an excellent, but vain, example of mankind's yearning to approach practical holiness and to delusionally imagine (fantasize) the positional attainment of personal sanctification and redemption.

The Quran is merely one more ludicrous example of mankind's transcendental quest to approach the Divine and the Holy.

But, truth is that tremendous faith and belief have been developed from such a dubious and flawed document as the Quran.

Fueling mankind's eternal yearning for contact with "THE" One True God of Abraham, Mohammed inserted a few widely-known elements of Judaism and Christianity in the Quran - fragments and snippets - that spiritually tantalize (yet deceive) in mankind's never-ending quest for transcendental contact.

But since the Quran denies both the Crucifixion and the Resurrection of Christ Jesus, it reveals Mohammed's limited exposure to authentic, God-ordained theology and displays Mohammed's shallowness of knowledge of the Divine and of the Holy.

Despite the historical fact that the adherents of Islam whom followed Mohammed successfully enforced the spread of the Moslem (Muslim) religion across the Middle Eastern world at the point of a sword, producing converts on pain of slavery, torture or death, in Mohammed's entirely amateurish endeavor of concocting (inventing) a religion, his limited exposure and shallowness ultimately lead to religious calamity.

Because, for thousands of years before the time of Mohammed, the hundreds of false, pagan heathen gods of the Arabians had always included a moon god named Allah who is graphically represented (symbolized) by a lunar crescent image.

And keep in mind that the moon god, Allah, is also the Arabian's god of war too!




In the Christian Bible's Old Testament, and in the Hebrew's Holy Scriptures, in the Book of the Prophet Jeremiah, Chapter 3, Verse 2; "THE" God of Abraham makes reference to the false, pagan, heathen gods of the Arabians.

Click Here - Download The Arabic Christian Bible


At THAT time, in the 500's BC, "THE" God of Abraham was speaking through the prophet Jeremiah to the Southern Hebrew Kingdom of Judah, and "THE" God of Abraham was referring to both the former spiritual sins of the Northern Hebrew Kingdom of Israel (then, in captivity in Assyria) and the current spiritual sins of the Southern Kingdom of Judah.

"THE" God of Abraham illustrates that those spiritual sins are the same sins that were being engaged-in by the pagans and heathens surrounding Judah, specifically naming only the Arabians as an example, and that those spiritual sins were the religious usage of idols, images and pagan heathen altars to false gods.

"THE" God of Abraham lets it be known that Judah will suffer the same fate as Israel, captivity by pagan heathen peoples who worship those same false gods, if Judah does not put-away the idols, images and altars and, instead, spiritually return to "THE" God of Abraham, and to Him alone, with no other false gods in the mix.

The reference that "THE" God of Abraham makes to the Arabians in the wilderness refers to all of the Arabian's own false, pagan, heathen gods at THAT time.

And, at THAT time, Allah was one of the Arab's many false, pagan, heathen gods.

And "THE" God of Abraham condemns as spiritually evil ALL of the well-known false gods of the Arabians, Allah included, as an illustration of the spiritual sins being committed against Him by the Hebrew Kingdom of Judah.




"THE" God of Abraham, by association, identified Allah as a false, pagan, heathen god about 1,200 years before the time of Mohammed.

Too bad for Islam that Mohammed did NOT have this information!

Because, while cleansing the hundreds of other false gods from the Kaaba in Mecca, Mohammed seized upon the ancient, pagan, heathen, moon god Allah and presumed to claim that the false god Allah was the SAME deity as "THE" God of Abraham.

NOTE: The central tenet of Islam is -
"There is only one god, his name is Allah, and Mohammed was his messenger."

This presumptive claim by Mohammed means that the central tenet of Islam is a lie, and that all Moslems have been duped and suckered into wasting their incomparably enormous faith on that lie from the very beginning.

For "THE" God of Abraham is not now, and never was, the SAME god as the ancient, pagan, heathen, false, moon god Allah...

....According to "THE" God of Abraham !




What's In A Name? --- Part 1
The Name That God Has Revealed

"THE" God of Abraham reveals His name
in the Holy Scriptures of the Hebrews,
and it is NOT Allah.

It is "Yahweh" (Also called "Jehovah" YeHoWaH).
Yahweh is the personal name of God in the Hebrew Bible.
This form is a modern scholarly convention,
Hebrew scripts write it as four consonants, YHWH.

God spoke these words:
He said, "I am Yahweh your God who brought you out of Egypt, where you lived as slaves. You shall have no other gods to rival me." [Exodus 20:1-3]
SEE: Hebrew-English Interlinear Bible, Exodus 20

Yahweh revealed himself to Israel as a jealous God who would not permit his people to make idols or follow gods of other nations [Exodus 20:2-6] or worship gods known by other names, "I am Yahweh, that is My name; I will not give My glory to another, or My praise to idols." [Isaiah 42:8]
SEE: Hebrew-English Interlinear Bible, Isaiah 42

Yahweh demanded the role of the one true God in the hearts and minds of Israel.

SEE: Wikipedia - Yahweh

SEE: Wikipedia - Names of God in Judaism

THE God of Abraham states boldly and often that He is a jealous God, that He will not tolerate any other (false) gods among His believers or followers, and that He is entirely consistent concerning there spiritual matters.

It is not possible that THE (jealous) God of Abraham was lurking in the Kaaba, down in Mecca, with the hundreds of other (false) Arabian gods. THE (jealous) God of Abraham was not seeking converts or devotees amid that pantheon of heathen paganism, and He was not patiently or idly waiting in the Kaaba for Mohammed to come along and choose Him as The One True God.

Click Here - Download The Arabic Christian Bible



What's In A Name? --- Part 2
In Arabic, today, the word Allah literally means "The God".

Etymologically, the term "The God" has the same sense as the term used in the Book Of Acts, Chapter 17, where the Apostle Paul, in Athens, noted the term "The Unknown God".

From the perspective of word origins, the term "The God" was not Allah's original meaning. For Allah once meant, up until 1,400 years ago, "The Moon God", and this included most of the lifetime of Mohammed.

According to numerous ancient inscriptions and glyphs, while the Arabic name of the Moon-god was SIN, his offical title was AL-ILAH, i.e. "the deity," meaning that he was the chief or high god among all the other, numerous, pagan gods. While the Moon-god was called AL-ILAH, i.e. "the god," that name was shortened to ALLAH in pre-Islamic times, more than two millennia before the time of Moh'am-ed (Muhammad).

The Muslim's baseless claim that Allah is the same God as "THE" God of Abraham and that Islam arose from the religion of the Hebrew prophets and Christian apostles is refuted by solid, overwhelming archaeological evidence. Islam is nothing more than a revival of the ancient Moon-god cult.

Islam has taken the symbols, the rites, the ceremonies, and even the name of its god from the ancient pagan religion of the Moon-god. As such, Islam is sheer idolatry and must be rejected by all those who follow either the Torah or the Gospel of the Resurrection of Christ Jesus.

Allah was merely one in a pantheon of hundreds of ancient, pagan, heathen, false, Arabian gods with no connection at all to "THE" God of Abraham.

Among all of Islam, only the Arabs are directly descended from Abraham as sons of Ishmael. But it does not follow that the god of the Moslems is automatically the SAME god as "THE" God of Abraham.

Mohammed possessed no empirical formula and no reliable method to discern between the hundreds of ancient, pagan, heathen, imaginary, false, Arabian gods and "THE" One True God of Abraham.

Mohammed's presumptive selection of Allah was foolish, and like a cruel joke it is a pity, for all of Islam suffers eternal damnation because of Mohammed's presumptuousness.




In the teachings of Islam, Moslems have NO "Blessed Assurance" of salvation, as DO genuinely authentic believers in Christ Jesus.

The nearest similar teachings of Islam are that a Moslem will gain automatic entry into Islam's conception of a fantasy Paradise if the Moslem believer were to die in Jihad (Holy War) against infidels, or if they were to die during the annual pilgrimage to Mecca (the Hajj).

All other Moslems have NO dependable guarantee at all that they will ever enter the Islamic version of Paradise.

Islam's fantastically childlike vision of Paradise is so unattainable because it is  PURE  FANTASY !

Only children and fools could ever conceive that they might end up in such a place as Islam's fictional version of paradise.


Among those Moslems whom are Arabs (and to a lesser extent, among the non-Arab Moslems) there has been a 1,400-years-long attempt to destroy, abolish or obscure any and all archaeological artifacts dating from before Mohammed.

The Arab Moslems, in particular, are exceedingly zealous in pursuing this idiotic, ancient policy.

Moslems (Muslims) are notoriously loath to openly admit the existence in modern Islam of ancient traditions from the earlier Arabian paganism of their ancestors, and Moslems like to garble whatever pre-Islamic history they permit to survive in anachronistic terms.

The ancient peoples of the Middle-Eastern/Arabian/Fertile-Crescent region have always expressed exceedingly high reverence for a "Moon" god. The Sumerians of Ur, as far back as BCE 2,000, constructed ziggurats in order to draw closer to the god of the "Moon".

The Quran teaches and (even today) Islam holds the view that everything from before the time of Mohammed is "Of The Devil", of Satan.

This belief is strongly held, despite the fact that even
Allah is from before the time of Mohammed.

This woefully misguided and pitiable belief gives all Moslems cause to discount the value of the Hebrew’s, and the Christian's, Holy Scriptures because those Scriptures originated in the pre-Islamic era. Which, in the Moslem's perception, was dominated by tremendous and overwhelming Satanic influence.

This is why most all Moslems are immune to Christian evangelization, they resist anything and everything originating in the pre-Islamic era.

A small but religiously influential minority within Islam, the Arab Moslems, have convinced ALL of Islam to reject God's Truth from the Christian Holy Scriptures because it was delivered, through Jews, to the rest of the world in pre-Islamic times.

But, as Winston Churchill once said:
    "The truth (God's Truth!) is incontrovertible!
    Ignorance may try to destroy it,
    and malice may deride it,
    but there it is!"

A good example of how "Truth" takes a severe beating in the Islamic world-view is the fact that today's Muslims will NOT acknowledge that Jerusalem ever had a Jewish history prior to the advent of Islam.

Today's Muslims, who are in charge of the Islamic mosques in Jerusalem, insist that there was never a Hebrew Temple on the Temple Mount, that the Hebrew Temple was located somewhere else.

Today's Muslims also display an empty and baseless attitude that the Jews had, long ago, corrupted or distorted the original Holy Scriptures, so that Mohammed was called to correct THE God of Abraham's Word and Wishes through the genetic line of Abraham's other son, Ishmael.

But (for that Muslim logic to be valid) the same vulnerability applies to the Koran (Quran), that the Koran has long ago been corrupted and distorted also, and that the Koran cannot be believed either.

Click Here - Download The Arabic Christian Bible




Islamic fundamentalism's avowed purpose is to replace
the Judeo-Christian world order with an Islamic world order.

In spite of the fact that the Quran does NOT teach, advocate or encourage an Islamic state or national government, today's radically militant Islam is obsessed with implementing Shar'ia (Islamic Law) to govern Islamic nations, rendering Islam completely incompatible with Democracy.

The past development of Islamic civilization has uniquely defined the history, politics, economics and culture of the entire Middle-Eastern region.

No other region of the world is so narrowly defined by a religious faith.

And, it is Saudi Arabia that is THE main religious, political, economic and cultural colonizer of (what are now) Islamic lands and nations, NOT the USA, or the West.

The Arabic language is dominant in many Islamic countries and spoken in all of them, while the 1,400-years-old tribal culture of 7th Century, CE, Arabia is the norm.


Prior to the recent invasion of Afghanistan, and Iraq, attacks by Al Qaeda have been going-on for 2 decades unabated, and virtually unchallenged, up until the George W. Bush Presidency.

Al Qaeda's attacks have targeted mainly the West, meaning that the enemy to Al Qaeda is NOT the Republican Party or Pres. Bush but US!

Us, as in YOU-ALL !   And ME-TOO !

The "Real Story" is the confrontation between Islam and the Jews in particular, and between Islam and the West in general.

This is a "Religious" War, for radical Islam is an implacable enemy of religious freedom. This is a war between the 21st Century and the 7th Century, it is a clash of religions, civilizations and cultures.

And it truly IS a war - a fight to the death.




Today, There Exists A Nation Of RADICAL Islam

Only it is a nation without borders, without a constitution and without a governing body that can be identified or located.

Radical Islamic fundamentalists, who seek the annihilation of ALL other religious beliefs and political institutions outside their own, run it.

It is maniacal in its quest to establish Islam across the globe
and cleanse the earth of infidels...

.... You-And-I...

.... in the name of Allah!

Nothing can be done to win this religious war until everyone in the West, and everyone who is not (Yet!) a Muslim, recognizes its true size and scope.

There are reportedly 1.3 billion Muslims. That is nearly 20% (1/5) of the world's population, and Islam is the world's fastest-growing religion.

The fundamentalist Mullahs and Imams are well on their way to controlling the Islamic nations all across the globe.

Islamic thought, practice and sentiment, inculcated by that religion, currently controls 50 of the 180 countries in the world. And those 50 Islamic nations control the largest petroleum reserves in the world.

How the bloc of Islamic nations do "Business" can make-or-break international organizations and corporations.

So much for the inflammatory Muslim CLAIM that JEWS control the world by proxy.

The most ferocious and determined anti-Semitic racial bigots in the entire world are, themselves, partly Semites too! They are Muslim Arabs, descendants of Abraham's OTHER son, part Hamitic and part Semitic Ish'ma-el - the older half-brother of the Semite I'saac, who is one of the fathers of the Hebrews.

In spite of the fact that anti-Semitism has no basis in the Quran (Koran), radically militant, fundamentalist, Arabian Muslims are responsible for injecting a stubborn streak of anti-Semitism into modern Islam. And, since this is a blood-feud between half-brothers, the Arab's anti-Semitic racial bigotry is not going to go away. The unresolvable conflict between the Arabs and the Jews will eventually lead to world war, and to Armageddon.

Also, to their shame, Islamic nations TODAY are the last remaining strongholds of massive and unchecked forced slavery.

Moslems are condemned to live under tyrannies and autocrats...

because of their religion,

and Moslems dwell in spiritual ignorance,
which leads to superstitious barbarism...

because of their religion,

The Islamic Faith !

Click Here - Download The Arabic Christian Bible




in today's consequential and transformative times, is the undeniable fact that radically militant Islam is working toward the complete and permanent removal of ALL Jews from Israel.

While there could be peace in the middle east ONLY if radically militant Islam were to lay-down their arms, if Israel were to lay-down its arms there would be NO Israel!

The Moslems (Muslims) do not want
a Palestinian state NEXT-TO Israel !

Moslems want a Palestinian state
INSTEAD-OF  Israel !

And, this, despite the fact that "THE" God of Abraham promised the land of Israel to the Jews, NOT to the Arabs.


In retribution against Israel and the Jews, it was the Roman general (and future emperor) Hadrian who gave the land of Israel the new, "Official", provincial name of PALESTINA, after he put down the Bar Koch'ba revolt in about CE 132.

BEFORE WORLD WAR II: During the previous 1,800 years: Only Jews living in the "Holy Land" of (former) Israel were called Palestinians. The few Arab (and later Turkish) residents of that region resented being referred to as Palestinian. In particular, to the forty thousand Arabs living in the Israel region in 1940, it was a term of derision reserved for the Jews, who had no ancestral homeland.

AFTER 1948: There were no Arabs who would permit themselves to be called a Palestinian. By their own definition, there only were Jordanian Arabs in the Jordan-controlled West Bank area, and Egyptian Arabs in the Egypt-controlled Gaza Strip area. Most Muslim Arabs fled the new state of Israel of their own volition, Arabic civilians were not evicted, expelled or deported.

AFTER THE 1967 WAR: The poor of Syria, Jordan and Egypt flocked to UN refugee camps for the free hand-outs (that have lasted for decades) and began to, unashamedly, call themselves Palestinians, even though they had never resided in the Israel (Palestine) region.

THIS is the source and origin of today's so-called Palestinians.

Because of the Arab's hatred of the Jews, all of Islam is at war with the express wishes of "THE" God of Abraham.

Moslems can NOT legitimately claim to be followers of "THE" God of Abraham while in open rebellion against that SAME God !

"THE" God of Abraham says: "I will bless those people and nations who bless Israel, and I will curse those people and nations who curse Israel"!

IF the Quran is TRUE, the Christian Bible is FALSE!

Allah is NOT the SAME God as "THE" God of Abraham !

Click Here - Download The Arabic Christian Bible





Just remember that "THE" God of Abraham emphatically insists that those souls who claim belief in HIM absolutely must believe in Christ Jesus as GOD.

There is no way around this God-imposed and God-enforced requirement to determine authentic believers in "THE" God of Abraham. There is no "wiggle-room" extant !

NOTE: To Ethnic Arab Muslims
If you claim to be sons of Abraham, then Isaac IS! your brother.

This matter of accepting Christ Jesus, whom the Arabs vigorously reject, is the reason why Abraham (the shared ancestor of Jews, Arabs and, by extension, non-Semitic Christians too) cannot be a vessel for reconciliation.

Arabs have rejected "THE" God of Abraham as a result of their complete rejection of Christ Jesus.

The main proof that Allah of the Moslems is not the SAME god as "THE" God of Abraham is the fact that Moslems (ALL of Islam!) steadfastly refuse to accept Christ Jesus as GOD !

And, In The End...

.... On Judgment Day...





This author lived in Saudi Arabia for six months in 1977-78, knows Moslem and Christian Arabs, has read and studied the Quran, and advocates that others read:

The Everlasting Hatred - The Roots Of Jihad, Hal Lindsey

The Mohammed Code, Howard Bloom

The Religion Of Peace - Why Christianity Is, & Islam Is Not!,
Robert Spencer

The Truth About Mohammed: Founder Of The World's Most Intolerant Religion,
Robert Spencer

Answering Islam, The Crescent In Light Of The Cross,
Dr. Norman L. Geisler and Abdul Saleeb

Islamic Imperialism: A History, Efriam Karsh; Yale Univ. Press

Islam At The Crossroads, Understanding Its Beliefs, History and Conflicts,
Paul Marshall, Roberta Green and Lela Gilbert

Understanding Muslim Teachings And Traditions, A Guide For Christians,
Phil Parshall

World War IV: The Long Struggle Against Islamofascism, Norman Podhoretz

Islam Unveiled, Robert Spencer

Islam Revealed, A Christian Arab's View Of Islam,
Dr. Anis Shorrosh

Islamic Invasion, Dr. Robert Morey

Is Fanatic Islam A Global Threat?, Victor Mordachi

The Next World War, Grant R. Jeffrey



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