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Frequently Asked Questions

#12 - Do Angels Have Wings?

NO !
Nowhere in scripture does it indicate that angels have wings.
Many other created beings do have wings, some have six wings, but angels do NOT have wings.

The stronger the imagination the MORE! realistic the result of dreaming.
And, the dreamer with a strong imagination ends-up living in a dream-world!

The mind which invents facts, invents ALL! facts.
The mind which imagines, imagines ALL!
The mind which alters, alters ALL!
And ends-up living in that same dream-world as the dreamer!

Please  Note:

For there is NO indication anywhere in the Bible that angels have wings.

The original Hebrew and Greek source manuscripts of the Christian Bible have NO! mention of angels having wings.
Any modern translation or paraphrase of the Bible which says angels DO! have wings is a mis-translation and is in error.


Everyone is entitled to their own traditions, customs, beliefs, opinions and point-of-view (PoV),
along with their own Roman Catholic folklore, pagan myths, fables, fantasies and delusions.

But they are NOT! entitled to their own facts.

The following are Biblical FACTS!
  • There are NO female angels revealed anywhere in Scripture.
  • In their human-like appearances angels always appeared as males.
  • There IS clear reference to male angels impregnating human females.
  • All "Named" archangels have masculine names: Gabriel, Michael, etc.
  • There is nothing Biblical indicating angels are anything other than male.
  • There is NO indication in the Bible that humans will ever become angels.
  • There is NO suggestion anywhere in Scripture that humans will ever have wings.
  • And, that goes for Halos and Harps in Heaven, too!
If YOUR copy of the Bible says angels DO! have wings, you need to dispose of that untrustworthy, misleading mis-translation and obtain for yourself a "New American Standard" (NASB) Bible version.

The NASB is, technically, the most reliably accurate translation from the original Hebrew and Greek source manuscripts into modern American English. While a speaker of British English would, likely, be more comfortable with the Authorized King James Version (Revised 1881-85).


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Chasqui Aqui - Vea Esta Pagina En Español

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