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Frequently Asked Questions

#13 - Is The Shroud Of Turin Authentic?   Or A Fake?



The actual words of the Gospel narratives
differ greatly from popular "Religious" myths:

The words of the Gospels also differ greatly from many other unscriptural "Religious" practices, traditions, customs,
and fanciful beliefs in fables or folklore that have been built-up
around the original, God-given Bible stories.

This cruel joke leads many pseudo-Christians and many quasi-Christians away from authentic contact with God,
authentic contact normally established through His entire Word, Witness, Testimony and Counsel.

  The Bible !  

For ONLY those individuals who are unfamiliar with the Holy Scriptures would ever fall
for such a Biblically ludicrous and physically dubious impostor as the Shroud of Turin.


There is always great danger of NOT understanding the Bible stories
when one knows the Easter traditions and Christmas carols
(folklore based upon Roman Catholic myths and fables)
BETTER than one knows the Bible itself.


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