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#15 - Where Is Mount Sinai ?

In the Book Of Galatians, Chapter 4, Verse 25, the Apostle Paul states that Mount Sinai is in...


In the Book Of Exodus, back during the time of Moses, the land of Midian is where Moses fled after killing a slave-driver.   And, after departing Egypt, the Israelites journeyed to the land of Midian.   And, it was in the land of Midian that the Israelites encamped at the foot of Mount Sinai.

So, just where IS the land of Midian?

The Bible locates the land of Midian in the northwestern corner of what is, today...

....Saudi Arabia.

At a location below (south of) what is now the southern portion of the country of Jordan, which in Moses' day was identified as the land of Edom.   The Bible places Midian east of the Gulf of Aqaba (east of the Red Sea) on the Arabian peninsula.

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How did Mount Sinai come to be misidentified
at its present (supposed) location in Egypt?

The MAIN reason that today's, supposed, location of Mount Sinai, on the Egyptian Sinai peninsula, can not possibly be correct is that today's, supposed, location was within ancient Egypt, and not within ancient Midian.

The REAL, genuine, authentic Mount Sinai is in northwestern Saudi Arabia,
the land of ancient Midian, NOT in Egypt's Sinai peninsula!


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