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Since, in 2008, Easter occurs on a wildly earlier date than Passover,
WHEN will YOU celebrate this coming







It's All GOD'S Doing!


Second Corinthians, Chapter 3, Verses 14 - 16

14 - "But Hebrew minds are spiritually blinded: For even now there are spiritual blinders (like a veil), applied by God, and not removed just by the reading of the Hebrew's Holy Scriptures (Tanakh, The Christian Old Testament); which spiritual blindness (veil) is removed when any Hebrew turns to Christ Jesus as their own, personal Messiah.

15 - But even now, when The Law Of Moses (Torah, Gen. -thru- Deut.) is read, the spiritual blinders (veil) are upon the Hebrew's capacity to spiritually comprehend their own Holy Scriptures.

16 - Nevertheless when individual Hebrew hearts turn to Christ Jesus as their own, personal Messiah, the spiritual blinders (veil) are removed by God, and their capacity to spiritually comprehend The Law and The Prophets, from GOD'S point of view, is enabled and greatly enhanced."

Literal Expanded Version (LEV)




VERSE 14 - God has purposefully blinded the spiritual understanding of the Hebrews whenever they attempt to access the spiritual information in the Old Testament; while turning to Christ Jesus as Messiah will cure that spiritual blindness.

The Hebrews have been spiritually abandoned, by God, with nothing more credible than their own, flawed, human understanding of their Holy Scriptures. And Hebrews are not willing to individually bow their heart and head and come to Christ Jesus as their Messiah.

The veil God has applied to blind each Hebrew's spiritual understanding of their Holy Scriptures is still there. Because of the fact that Hebrews actually do not see that Christ Jesus is the end of The Law for righteousness, Hebrews cannot see that Christ Jesus is the fulfillment of the whole Law. And that is why the spiritual blindness of Hebrews still exists.

VERSE 15 - Since the time of the Prophet Ezekiel, even unto the last days of the Apostle Paul, and even unto this twenty-first century, whenever the first five books of the Bible (The Books Of Moses, The Torah) are read by or to Hebrews, God Himself prevents ethnic Hebrews from fully understanding those Scriptures.

The Hebrews possess the "Oracles Of God",
yet the Hebrews cannot make any sense out of them at all.

When Hebrews read The Law Of Moses,
they falsely imagine that they might
be able to keep the whole Law.

VERSE 16 - However, God provides a solution: Whenever any ethnic Hebrew turns to the Lord and accepts Christ Jesus as Messiah, the true "SPIRITUAL" meaning of those Scriptures will be fully revealed through the teaching ministry of God's Holy Spirit, in exactly the same way as all other authentic Christians are taught by the Holy Spirit. And the meanings that will be revealed and taught are GOD'S meanings, NOT mankind's varied interpretations or mis-interpretations, which all tend toward confusion.

When the heart and mind of any Hebrew turns to the Lord Christ Jesus as Messiah, the veil that prevents spiritual understanding is taken away by God.

The Word of God is very clear and straight-forward.
The Gospel message is so simple it cannot be misunderstood.
But there is deliberate resistance to the Gospel !





What about unbelievers whom are

NOT   Hebrew?

It's All SATAN'S Doing!


Second Corinthians, Chapter 4, Verses 3 - 4

3 - "But if The Gospel Of The Resurrection is hidden or concealed, it is obscured to the lost souls, the unrepentant, unsaved sinners of this evil world, and it is obscured to those souls whom have heard but rejected the Gospel:

4 - In whom Satan, the god of this present evil age, has spiritually blinded the minds of them which believe not, to prevent the light of the glorious gospel of Christ Jesus, who is the image of God, from being revealed to them."

Literal Expanded Version (LEV)




VERSE 3 - From the time of Christ Jesus through the days of the Apostles, many people, particularly Jews, did not accept the Gospel. While to the Jews the Gospel is veiled, Paul did not water-it-down to make it more palatable and easier to accept by Gentiles - as some heretics have done. The true Gospel of the resurrection was heard and rejected by people who were unable or unwilling to accept God's established "Way" of salvation.

This rejection of the Gospel is because there are always many free-spirited, free-thinking souls who have their own opinions and point-of-view, who much prefer their own myths, fantasies and fables, who are serenely comfortable in their own form of profound psychological self-delusion. Unbelievers range from skeptics to scoffers, who are among those unwilling to accept the Gospel, and also range from dupes to outright dummies, who are among those unable to accept the Gospel.

VERSE 4 - As individuals willfully disbelieve the Gospel they are abetted in their unbelief by Satan, the god of this evil Age. Even though he is defeated by Christ Jesus, Satan still continues his hold over this present world. Satan's purposeful blinding of willful unbeliever's minds makes it impossible for them to see "the light of the Gospel".

The Gospel, then, is not obscure.
In fact, the Gospel points to Christ Jesus, Who,
as the image of God, revealed God The Father
in His person, words and actions.



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Information About:

Rosh haShanah  |||  Yom Kippur  |||  Sukk'ot  |||  Shemini Atzeret

Simchat Torah  |||  Hanukkah  |||  Purim  |||  Pesach




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