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NO !

"If anyone thinks himself to be religious,
and yet does not keep a tight rein on his tongue but deceives his own heart,
this man's religion is worthless."
(James 1:26)



  • Verse 4 - He that speaks in an uninterpreted tongue edifies only himself; but he that prophesies edifies the entire church.
  • v9 - So likewise you, except you utter by the tongue words which are easily understood, how shall it be known what is spoken? for you shall only be speaking to the air.
  • v11 - Therefore if I know not the meaning of the utterance, I shall be unto him that speaks a barbarian, and he that speaks shall be a barbarian unto me.
  • v19 - Yet in the church I would rather speak five words with full understanding, that by my voice I might teach others also, than speak ten thousand words in some uninterpreted tongue.
  • v23 - If therefore the whole church assembles in one place, and all speak with tongues, and there come in those that are unlearned, or unbelievers, will they not say that you are insane?
  • v28 - But if there be no interpreter, keep silence in the church; and speak silently to yourself, and silently to God.
  • v33 - For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all the other churches of the saints.






  • Verse 6 - But you, when you pray, enter into your prayer closet, and when you have shut the door, pray to your Father God who deals with you secret; and your Father God who sees and hears in secret shall reward you openly.







NOTE: Please know that the entire Book Of 1st Corinthians was written by the Apostle Paul to correct scandalous moral and social problems along with grievous doctrinal and spiritual errors in this new Christian congregation composed of former pagans.

Know that the ENTIRE book is corrective in nature!

There are two very important things to consider as one studies this single chapter of Holy Scripture:

1 - For thousands of years BEFORE the events recorded in The Book Of Acts, Chapter 2 (where the Apostles spoke in many different known languages as a manifestation of the authentic Tongues-Gift), the pagans had always chattered, jabbered and babbled ecstatic unintelligible gibberish, a counterfeit form of tongues, as a central feature of their heathenistic mystery religions. The pagans who excelled as speakers of counterfeit ecstatic gibberish-tongues were almost always women and were much admired, holding coveted high-priestess positions.

The Corinthian Christian believers all were former pagans who had practiced the heathenistic mystery religions (and whom had been counterfeit ecstatic tongue-talkers of greater or lesser repute), causing the entire Corinthian Christian church-group to be engaged in clamoring after (what they perceived as) the best, showiest, most admired spiritual gift....authentic, interpreted, language-Tongues....from God.

Piqued and emboldened by the few Corinthian believers who had received the authentic Tongues-Gift, deceived by the many babbling, counterfeit-tongue-talking impostors, and driven by their selfish need for recognition of their spirituality, the Corinthians engaged in the bogus fakery of a counterfeit tongues-gift en masse while neglecting and discounting the other authentic, less impressive, spiritual gifts.

2 - In both the New American Standard and the King James Versions of the Bible, and in the original Greek-language texts (the "Autograph" texts) of the Bible...

The key to a proper understanding of this chapter is to see that the word "TONGUE," when singular, is in reference to the uninterpreted, counterfeit spiritual gift, jabbering and babbling gibberish, while falsely claiming the gibberish is a spiritual manifestation of God.
(Re: Verses 2, 4, 9, 13, 14, 19, 26, 27; and, including verse 23)

Whereas, the word "TONGUES," when plural, refers to the interpreted, authentic spiritual gift like that which the Apostles demonstrated on the day of Pentecost.
(Re: Verses 5, 6, 18, 21, 22, 39; but, not verse 23)

AND, in Ch. 14, that the word "SPIRIT" is mostly in reference to mankind's own, natural, human spirit (Re: Verses 2, 14, 16, 32), while God's Holy Spirit is referred to only once (Re: Verse 15).



Verses 1 through 5:

Verse 1 - Paul says, that with LOVE (charity, in KJV) as your sole motivation, since you desperately seek and quest to be spiritually gifted, you should desire Prophecy above all other gifts.

Verse 2 - Paul says, that an Uninterpreted (counterfeit) Tongue can never speak to mankind but only to some unknown god (the pagan gods, in former times) other than The God Of Abraham, for no one (not even The God Of Heaven) understands. Your own, natural, human spirit selfishly babbles gibberish that Paul likens to mysteries from the pagan mystery religions which engage in unintelligible ecstatic chattering and jabbering.

Verse 3 - Paul says, that a believer who properly ministers a TRUE spiritual gift (Prophecy) ministers to other believers, not to some false god (An Uninterpreted Tongue), and by that proper ministry (Prophecy) a believer accomplishes something spiritually and practically worthwhile, for an authentic spiritual gift is always meant to be of benefit to others.

Verse 4 - Paul's statement that an Uninterpreted (counterfeit) Tongue edifies only the speaker is biting sarcasm because he also says that the authentic Tongues have interpretation leading to full understanding by others, which understanding verifies that the interpreted Tongues are actually God-given and not bogus fakery.

And, he says that to believe that spiritual self-edification is a good-thing is to take a step backward from Christianity into pagan heathenism. For to suppose (imagine) that a self-styled Uninterpreted Babble-Tongue has some make-believe devotional use is entirely delusional according to Paul, no matter what ancient, paganistic, heathenistic myths and fables today's Charismatic Pentecostals falsely preach and teach.

In spite of the fact that today's Charismatic Pentecostals have completely re-written this chapter of the Bible, engaging in Scripture-twisting in order to make these Verses seem to say the exact opposite of what they actually mean, Paul says that an Uninterpreted Tongue was never intended by God. By falsely preaching and teaching the spiritual validity of an Uninterpreted Babble-Tongue, Charismatic Pentecostals are preaching and teaching ANOTHER (different) Gospel.

The natural, human, flesh-fed level of spiritual satisfaction attained by the abuse of an Uninterpreted (counterfeit) Tongue is self-satisfaction derived from pride-induced emotion and is not derived from authentic, God-given, spiritual blessing, according to Paul. He says that an Uninterpreted Tongue is illegitimate and self-centered, producing nothing more than a super-saint, holier-than-thou, spiritually-prideful attitude in foolish, flesh-focused, short-cut-seeking, spiritistically-inclined believers.

Whereas, unselfishly, the believer who authentically Prophesies edifies others, ministering FOR God. Not attempting a misdirected ministry TO God in some make-believe, beautiful, heavenly, spiritual, prayer-language understood by no one, neither angels nor even God Himself. Paul makes it clear that prophecy accomplishes what an Uninterpreted Tongue can never accomplish, the edification of others.

Today's speakers in an Uninterpreted (counterfeit) Tongue glory in the lack of interpretations and do not care that no one understands, not even themselves. They shamelessly delude themselves into believing that God understands and they willfully fantasize that a lack of interpretation validates the spiritual authenticity of their Uninterpreted Tongue, eagerly believing the exact opposite of what these Scriptural passages teach.

Verse 5 - The Apostle Paul expresses his personal wish that believers who are desperately questing-after the Tongues-Gift and engaging in bogus fakery (An Uninterpreted Tongue) would receive from God the authentic Interpreted-Tongues-Gift, so that they would see the difference and be ashamed of their make-believe, natural, human, fleshy, imitation, counterfeit babble-tongue.

Back in 1 Cor. 7:8-9; Paul expressed his personal wish that all believers who were not (currently) married would remain celibate (for authentic spiritual-enhancement purposes), like himself. While eschewing Paul's call to enhanced spirituality via celibacy, those drawn to jabbering gibberish in an Uninterpreted Tongue (today) whole-heartedly embrace what they mistakenly perceive as Paul's recommendation that all believers should receive the Tongues-Gift.

This mistaken attitude betrays their flesh-driven, natural, human, spiritistic urges, the same flesh-driven, natural, human urges that compel them to refuse to embrace the spiritual benefits of celibacy among the un-married.

Paul says he would prefer they prophesy, that Church-wide edification would be realized by both prophecy and interpreted-tongues, and that a tongue was never to be exercised without interpretation. He says that the mark of an fake or bogus (counterfeit) tongue was a lack of interpretation.

Verses 6 through 10:

Verse 6 - Even an apostle can not edify, unless he is understood by his hearers. Paul explains that when he exhibits the authentic tongues-gift (from God), before any interpretation is given his words are as meaningless as the Uninterpreted (counterfeit) tongue. But that by God-given interpretation of the authentic tongues-gift, revelation, knowledge, prophesying, or doctrine are provided to the spiritual benefit of hearers.

Verse 7 - Paul utilizes the fact that all things can be made to give-off distinctive and recognizable sounds to illustrate that an Uninterpreted (counterfeit) tongue is bogus fakery precisely because it cannot be understood.

Verse 8 - For without distinctive and recognizable sounds there is no comprehension at all.

Verse 9 - In the same way, you Christian believers, unless you display the authentic tongues-gift (from God), along with the legitimate (God-given) interpretation, how will any other believer understand and be edified? Otherwise, you are an embarrassment to yourself, an embarrassment to the church-at-large and an embarrassment to God.

Verse 10 - All languages have distinction and meaning. Legitimate words mean things, while illegitimate babbling is meaningless.

Verses 11 through 40 - Coming Soon!






On The Subject Of Uninterpreted Tongues


  • "Charisma Versus Charismania" - Chuck Smith
  • "Charismatic Chaos" - John F. MacArthur, Jr.
  • "The Corinthian Catastrophe" - George E. Gardiner
  • "The Church Subtly Deceived?" - Alexander Seibel
  • "The Divine Comforter" - J. Dwight Pentecost
  • "The Modern Tongues Movement" - Robert G. Gromacki
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  • "The Holy Spirit" - John F. Walvoord
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  • "The Person And Work Of The Holy Spirit" - Reuben A. Torrey
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  • "Talking In Tongues!" - J. Vernon McGee
  • "Theological Roots Of Pentecostalism" - Donald W. Dayton
  • "Tongues!?" - Spiros Zodhiates



  • "And Forbid Not To Speak With Tongues" - Howard M. Ervin
  • "The Baptism With The Holy Spirit" - Oral Roberts
  • "Baptized In One Spirit" - John Baker
  • "The Beauty Of Spiritual Language" - Jack W. Hayford
  • "Gifts And Graces" - Arnold Bittlinger
  • "They Speak With Other Tongues" - John L. Sherrill

CHASQUE AQUÍ - Esta Página En Español - CLICK HERE - This Page In Spanish
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