The Most Popular TALK RADIO HOSTS In America Today!  
T h e   F u s i o n   O f   E n t e r t a i n m e n t   &   E n l i g h t e n m e n t   GLENN BECK
  The Glenn Beck Radio Program
The Glenn Beck Program, the third highest-ranked national radio talk show among adults ages 25 to 54, contains "half the politics and twice the comedy" and "is not about Left --vs-- Right, it's about right --vs-- wrong." The radio program can be heard live on weekdays from 9am - Noon ET, on XM Satellite Radio Channel 165 and on Live Audio/Video Streaming or On-Demand Audio/WebCam.

Glenn Beck on FOX News Channel
FOX News Channel calls Beck's cable TV show "an unconventional look at the news featuring his often amusing perspective on the top stories from world events to everyday hassles."

Glenn Beck on FOX News Channel airs weekdays at 5pm Eastern, repeated at 2am,
and on Saturday at 9pm Eastern, repeated at 5am.                

It is a news-talk show for people who can't take mainstream news anymore.

Glenn Beck's Bio    BILL BENNETT
Opens a daily dialog all across America, a fast-paced morning show on the issues that matter most. --- Live on weekdays from 6am - 9am ET.

A listener-focused national morning show
That delivers important guests, high production values and non-stop fun, while still being an honest investigation and examination of issues, from politics to culture to sports to entertainment!

Bill Bennett's Bio   COAST TO COAST AM
  Coast to Coast AM - With George Noory
A media phenomenon, deals with life-after-death, spirituality, Bible codes, angels & demons, Star Wars technology, UFOs, ETs, crop circles, unexplained natural & not-so-natural phenomena, or other often eerily inexplicable phenomena.
George Noory's Bio  

Either radio program can be heard live - 1 am - 5 am ET - Every Day - 7 / 365

Coast to Coast AM Weekend - With Art Bell
Something special is happening after dark. America's most listened-to evening and overnight program, Coast to Coast AM is spontaneous, captivating, and unpredictable.
Art Bell's Bio  

Coast to Coast Live with Ian Punnett
A Saturday evening talk show which deals with a variety of topics, but usually ones that relate to the paranormal. Ian Punnett is on - 9 pm - 1 am ET - Saturdays Only
Ian Punnett's Bio  

Coast To Coast AM's Bio   BILL CUNNINGHAM
  BILL "Willie" CUNNINGHAM is a "Great American" talk radio host.
In early fall 2007, Bill had taken over for Matt Drudge on Sunday Night.  Cunningham now hosts a weekend national call-in show, which is syndicated to 325 affiliates by  Premiere Radio Networks.

His full-time job is hosting "The Big Show with Bill Cunningham", a local weekdays show on 700WLW in Cincinnati, Ohio.
"Willie" can also be heard on XM Radio Channel 173 weekdays from 12:25pm - 3pm

Having already received every award the radio industry can bestow, including the 2001 Marconi as America's Large Market Radio Personality of the Year, Bill Cunningham remembers yesterday, embraces today and yearns for a better tomorrow.

Normal Americans listen live, down-load it at night, and then each day discuss the essence of his arguments and his flair for the dramatic.  Bill is also a regular guest on Fox News Channel's Hannity and Colmes.

Willie's Local Weekday Show  |||  BILL CUNNINGHAM ON DEMAND PODCAST  |||  Bill Cunningham's Bio
Since 1983, the acclaimed "Voice of the Common Man" has lit-up the airwaves of 700WLW in Cincinnati with many national and local politicians, cultural leaders, authors, spin doctors and other miscreants resulting in the most listened to radio show in Ohio.

Bill is an attorney, business entrepreneur, former Ohio Assistant Attorney General; he was selected in 1983 as Ohio's Outstanding Young Lawyer by the Ohio State Bar Association; in college, he captained the Xavier University Baseball Team; he is married to the Honorable Penelope H. Cunningham (Judge in the Ohio Court of Appeals).

In other words, Willie has done it all.    Bill Cunningham is the quintessential Renaissance Man.   MATT  DRUDGE
  MATT DRUDGE Signed-Off Radio In Early Fall 2007
Drudge left radio broadcasting, of his own volition, with top ratings in his Sunday night time slot.
Matt had exuded a take-no-prisoners attitude, with a face fit for radio --- he bears an uncanny resemblance to the "The Face On Mars" --- and a voice fit for Web-based journalism.

So, Drudge, a one-man news bureau, decided to concentrate his time and energy on his "Signature" masterpiece, his widely read Internet Web site "THE DRUDGE REPORT".

The DRUDGE Report  |||  Matt Drudge Photo Gallery   |||  Matt Drudge's Bio   SEAN HANNITY
  Sean Hannity - Tuned Into America
A conservative to the very core of his soul, Sean Hannity is also a man of intelligence and logic. With measured words and piercing wit, he presents the case for why America is far better off accepting conservative rather than liberal ideas. --- The radio program can be heard live on weekdays from 3pm - 6pm ET.

The "Hannity" talk/news show on Fox News Channel
The Hannity Show is an American political debate television program. For several years, its ratings have consistently made it one of the top three cable/satellite news programs. --- The cable TV program is live from 9pm - 10pm ET M-F, (following "The O'Reilly Factor") & is repeated at Midnite.

Sean Hannity's Bio       The "Hannity & Colmes" Bio    HUGH HEWITT
  The Hugh Hewitt Radio Show
Hugh Hewitt is a conservative American radio talk show host, author, and blogger. He is a Professor of Law at Chapman University School of Law, where he teaches constitutional law, torts and administrative law. --- The radio program is live 6pm - 9pm ET.

Hewitt is a long-time proponent and promoter of the "New Media" - talk radio and blogs - as a means to balance what many conservatives allege is left-wing bias in the mainstream media.

Hugh Hewitt's Bio   LAURA INGRAHAM
  The Laura Ingraham Show
Always articulate and entertaining, "The Laura Ingraham Show" has been addicting legions of listeners since her launch into national syndication in 2001. Smart, funny, and ahead of the curve in politics and the culture, Laura's busting down the door of the "boys only" radio club. --- The radio program can be heard live on weekdays from 9am - Noon ET.

It's not just a talk show - It's an addiction!
Whether she's on the watch for evidence of media bias, political hypocrisy or Hollywood inanity, Laura infuses her program with a level of energy and commitment to conservative principles that grabs hold and won't let go.
Smart political talk isn't just for the boys anymore. Just say NO! to stupid radio and get hooked on Laura.

Laura Ingraham's Bio   KIM KOMANDO
  Kim Komando - America's Digital Goddess
Kim Komando is the host of a talk radio program centering around the popularity of Computers, the Internet and Technology, with a new approach to computer talk, advice on hardware, software and the Net.
The radio program is live on Saturday from 10am - 1pm ET.

The most popular PC & Internet Pro
Kim's show is a "Top-10" talk radio program, based on audience size. The longest running weekend show about Computers and the Internet in syndication history, Kim has the largest national audience for all weekend radio shows. The Kim Komando Show reaches over 8 million listeners a week, and Kim produces a newsletter with a subscriber base of more than 5 million readers.

Kim Komando's Bio   RUSH LIMBAUGH
  The Rush Limbaugh Show
Rush Limbaugh's lively, humorous, and just plain fun program has rocketed his show to the most listened-to long form program in the history of network radio. --- The radio program can be heard live on weekdays from Noon - 3pm ET.

Known as the media pundit who reshaped the political landscape
Rush Limbaugh's phenomenally successful radio broadcast is heard on nearly 600 stations by approximately 20 million people each week. It is the highest rated national radio talk show with the largest audience in America.

Rush Limbaugh is also the author of "The Limbaugh Letter," the most widely read political newsletter in the country.

Rush Limbaugh's Bio    MIKE MCCONNELL
  The Weekend with Mike McConnell
Mike McConnell is a popular Cincinnati, Ohio, radio talk show host.

McConnell is also the host of the nationally syndicated radio talk show called "The Weekend".

"The Weekend" radio program is live on Saturdays from Noon - 3pm ET

A mixture of wisdom and wit, McConnell takes his listeners daily on an ever-changing talk journey
from "in the news" social issues to avant-garde extreme topics.

Mike McConnell's Bio   MICHAEL MEDVED
  The Michael Medved Show
Michael Medved is a nationally syndicated radio talk show host, best-selling author and film critic.

The radio program can be heard live on weekdays from 3pm - 6pm ET.

Medved does a daily three-hour talk radio program based out of Seattle, Washington.
The show reaches more than 2 million listeners in 140 markets, coast to coast.

Michael Medved's Bio   BILL O'REILLY
  Bill O'Reilly's "The Radio Factor" ••• The Radio Factor has ceased broadcasting •••
The Radio Factor had been a two hour call-in program and was heard on more than 400 radio stations in the United States.
It had been Live on Weekdays from Noon - 2pm ET.

At the Home page, listen to a daily featured ENCORE! presentation, a selected archived program of "The Radio Factor".

HEAR the full Radio Factor Archives - Anytime - An archive of all Radio Factor programs since 2005. Listen to Online Streaming Audio for any archived show, or download an MP3 of the program.

The Radio Factor Vault - a Premium Member section - Join Here - Browse through past episodes and listen.

Radio "Talking Points" Memos - a Premium Member section - Join Here - The only place on the web with all of the Radio Talking Points Memos.

Radio Factor "Call Of The Day" Archive - Available FREE! - Click Here - Listen to Bill's archive of the best phone calls aired on the Radio Factor.

"The O'Reilly Factor" - on FOX News Channel
Now in its twelth year of blending news analysis with investigative reporting, "The O'Reilly Factor" on the Fox News Channel remains the dominant #1 cable news program. --- Live from 8pm - 9pm ET M-F (just ahead of "Hannity"), & is repeated at 11pm & 5am ET.

Bill O'Reilly's Bio   DENNIS PRAGER
  The Dennis Prager Show
Dennis Prager is one of America's most respected radio talk show hosts and has a unique ability
to talk about virtually any/every subject, take strong ethical positions, and yet be entertaining.

The radio program can be heard live on weekdays from Noon - 3pm ET, and at other times on tape-delay.

One of the most interesting minds in American Jewish Life
For ten years, Prager conducted a weekly interfaith dialogue on radio
with representatives of virtually every religion in the world.

Dennis Prager's Bio    MICHAEL SAVAGE
  The "SAVAGE NATION" with Michael Savage
Michael Savage is a controversial conservative talk radio host, author and political commentator.

The radio program is live on weekdays from 6pm - 9pm ET.

Recent books: "Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder" & "The Political Zoo"
His nationally syndicated radio show "The Savage Nation" reaches more than 8 million listeners on 377 stations throughout the United States, ranking third in number of stations syndicated nationwide and third in nationwide audience behind Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

Michael Savage's Bio
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