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  Jeremiah 10

Verse 14 - All of mankind are like dumb animals and ignorant of spiritual things:
Every maker of idols is duped and suckered by religiously associated images:
For the carved, cast, molded, or engraved image (idol, symbol, likeness) is a lie,
it is blind, deaf and mute, for there is no life in them.

Verse 15 - Idols and images are worthless to bless or curse,
empty of life and broken in effectiveness:
Idols, images, symbols and likenesses are concieved
and crafted in ignorance of the Divine and the Holy:
At the Second Coming, when Christ Jesus appears on the world scene,
all religiously associated idols and images will be revealed as hopelessly powerless
and they will all be scorned, cast-down, destroyed
and abandoned by their foolish devotees.

Literal Expanded Version (LEV)


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