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STRONG’S # 5336


A crib (for animal fodder).

phatne (fat’-nay)

From the root word

patxomia (pat-zo’-mia)
"to eat".


Wooden Mangers


Mangers - In Tabernacles (Booths)

Ye-shu'a (Jesus) was NOT born in an unsanitary barn, a stable, a grotto or a cave amidst animal wastes, but rather in a temporary dwelling called a tabernacle (sukk'ah or booth) which had been built (in the tens-of-thousands throughout the region surrounding Jerusalem) especially for the Feast Of Tabernacles (Sukk'ot) celebration.

He was placed in a "manger" (a food crib), demonstrating in a "Type" that He is the Bread of Life from heaven.



A Stone Manger - Animal Feeding Trough.



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