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The Faithful Witness
The Martyr

In the Bible,
the man named Antipas is mentioned only in the Book of

Revelation, Chapter 2, Verse 13.

And is described as a martyr for the Christian faith; described as a "faithful witness" of Christ Jesus; and described as dwelling and ministering where Satan had his seat (Pergamos).

Antipas was a contemporary of the Apostle John, who penned The Book Of Revelation.

While Antipas was martyred late in the lifetime of the Apostle John, precious little else is factually known about Antipas from respected historical sources.

However, traditions originating within the Eastern Orthodox Christian church, around and after CE 1,000, paint a fuller picture only if one can believe them as factual.

The traditional (possibly fictional) Antipas was reputed to be the Bishop of the Christian church at Pergamos, and that he was martyred for his faith because of his consistent faithful witnessing in the face of all the satanic evil present there.

When Antipas was advised:
"Antipas, the whole world is against you!",
Antipas reputedly replied:
"Then I am against the whole world!"

Antipas was supposedly roasted alive in a hollow life-size bull, which had a bonfire under its belly, because Antipas refused to renounce his faith in Christ Jesus.

This Much Is Known For Sure:

His faithful witnessing and eventual martyrdom for his unshakable faith in Christ Jesus are what earned Antipas mention in the pages of Holy Scripture, and a place in God's "Hall-Of-Fame Of Faith".

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