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Faithful Witness Ministries

The Antipas Foundation is a non-profit, Florida, 501(c)(3) charity established for Christian educational purposes, and also operates under the name "Faithful Witness Ministries".
A Messianic-Focused Pentecostal, Presbyterian (PCA), Puritan Fellowship marked by Christian idealism and an aggressive crusading spirit.
The Antipas Foundation does NOT! fail to be both "Salt" and "Light". (See: Matthew 5:13-16)
Christ Jesus gave 5 commands to the Church-at-large:

1 - To repent; and...
2 - To love God and one another; and...
3 - To preach the Gospel of the Resurrection to make disciples for Christ; and...
4 - To be "Born-Again" -- filled with the Holy Spirit of God;
5 - And to examine the doctrine of anyone who claims to be of "The Faith".

The Antipas Foundation and Faithful Witness Ministries take those commandments as our mission.
The Antipas Foundation has found that, today, most people are not looking for theology... While those same people, as spiritual seekers, are looking for something to believe.
The Antipas Foundation came into being due to our perception of a vast lack of scriptural knowledge on the part of professing Christians, which lack of scriptural knowledge permits myriad "Religious" traditions, customs, beliefs and practices based on myths and fables to flourish in place of Biblically-oriented Apostolic Christianity.

Most so-called Christians will believe almost anything "Religious"
because they know almost nothing from the Bible.
"One of the peculiar sins of this century
which we've developed to a very high level
is the sin of credulity (gullibility).
It has been said that when human beings stop believing in God they believe in nothing.
The truth is much worse: they believe in ANYTHING!"
Malcolm Muggeridge
With every contract there is always some binding obligation
God directs believers to simply "BELIEVE THE TRUTH", He obligates believers to individually explore His thoughts, purposes and intentions.
Many (most) believers never accomplish a thorough and complete understanding of God's plan and purpose for the ages because most believers never achieve a thorough and complete understanding of God's ENTIRE Word, Witness, Testimony and Counsel.
Most believers are quite serene and comfortable while they are oblivious to the Biblical record of spiritual successes and failures of the past.
God has NOT made a secret of His record of mankind's spiritual successes and failures.
However, that Biblical record IS a secret to those souls whom neglect to read it !
Obtain a reliable translation of the Bible and...
ALL of it, TOO!

Click Here - Read The Bible.
Click Here - Pray The Prayer Of Salvation.
Click Here - If you need Help reading and studying your Bible
in ANY language.
Technically speaking, the New American Standard (NASB) version of the Bible is the most reliably accurate translation into modern American English.
The NAS does NOT attempt to be either a "conversationally-edited" Bible, like the New International Version (NIV); or a "common-language-paraphrase" version, like the Living Bible.
Instead, the NAS is a linguist's joy and an etymologist's delight.
Obtain and READ a New American Standard version of the Bible!
Once any believer knows and understands what God has to say in the Bible about everything of importance to Him, that believer can, only then, comprehend the obligations binding upon REAL Christian believers -- those who are the genuinely authentic possessors of Salvation.
Obligations that are NOT binding upon Christian posers and fakers, the false claimants of Salvation who are unsaved pseudo-saints, within the Church.

NOT binding upon Christian apostates,
whose doctrine has departed from "The Faith".

And NOT binding upon cultural Christians, who merely profess Christianity as their self-
appointed, so-called "Religion"
without much knowledge of the Word of God
and without being spiritually "Born-Again".
Unlike the Islamic Imams and all the Muslim Mullahs, fundamentalist Christians do NOT wish to rule over you.
Unlike Roman Catholicism, authentic Christians do NOT wish to spiritually seduce you.

Unlike the self-deluded adherents of cults, unlike the fantasies taught in the "Word-Of-Faith" movement and unlike those who preach a false "Health & Wealth" Gospel, the true possessors of genuine Christian Salvation do NOT wish to deceive you.

Whereas those other "Religious" imposters strive to change YOUR way of thinking, THE God of Abraham, through His Word, seeks to change your thought processes by renewal of your mind in order to permit (enable) you to understand and accept the spiritual underpinnings of HIS way of thinking.
If you know God's ENTIRE Word, Witness, Testimony and Counsel
you will be looking for Christ Jesus' soon return.

Look for Christ Jesus' soon return!

Because if you are NOT looking for His return
He is NOT returning for...


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