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When Was Jesus
Christ Crucified?

The actual words of the Gospel narratives differ greatly from popular "Religious" myths:
The words of the Gospels also differ greatly from many other unscriptural "Religious" practices, traditions, customs, and fanciful beliefs in fables or folklore that have been built up around the original, God-given Bible stories.
For those of you who are authentically "Born-Again" and who have access to the Holy Spirit’s teaching ministry of truth concerning the scriptural record known as "The Word Of God;" And for those of you who are both astute and alacritous enough to accept the Biblical account concerning the day of Christ Jesus' crucifixion; And for those others of you who do not fully understand the Old Testament Messianic prophecies or the Levitical sacrificial system, both of which Christ Jesus fulfilled (completed) in His birth, life, death and resurrection;

And for those others of you who do not accept that Christ Jesus IS actually God but also died;

And for those others of you who can not accept Roman Catholicism's myths, fables and fantasies concerning the day of Christ Jesus’ crucifixion;
Christ Jesus celebrated His last Passover Seder Feast (The "Last Supper") after sundown on the Hebrew’s 14th day, of their 1st month, in springtime, CE 31.

Non-Hebrews would call that night in CE 31, Tuesday evening, while the Hebrews (both then and now) know that night as Wednesday, once the sun has set.

After sunrise the next morning, still a Hebrew’s Wednesday, and still the day of the Feast of Passover, Christ Jesus was crucified.

He was declared officially dead that same afternoon and His burial was completed just a moment before sundown.
Here, A Stipulation In The Hebrew's Religious Law Has Importance: The day following every Passover is the first day of the seven-day-long Feast of Unleavened Bread, and is the 15th day of the 1st month. The 15th day begins at sundown as the 14th day (The Passover) ends. The 15th day is always an Annual High Sabbath (Pilgrimage Sabbath) - a High Holy Day - that is treated just like an ordinary Saturday Sabbath in all respects, but with the additional Scriptural commandment that THIS High Holy, Annual High Sabbath, day is a Feast / Festival day with special significance to God.

THIS 15th day of the 1st Hebrew month, THIS Annual High Sabbath, THIS High Holy Day, is THE Sabbath day referred to in the Gospel of John. This is THE same Sabbath day before which Christ Jesus was required to be buried, before its onset at sundown.

But THIS Sabbath is NOT an ordinary, routine, weekly, Saturday Sabbath day.

Two-out-of-three of the Hebrew’s Annual High Sabbaths, the High Holy Days, can fall on any day of the week, and all three of these especially significant "Pilgrimage" Sabbaths are treated as reverently as any Saturday Sabbath would be treated, no matter upon whichever day of the week they happen to fall from year to year.

John 19:31 informs that those who undertook Christ Jesus’ burial had to accomplish the task before sundown because the very next day was a High Holy Day, an Annual High Sabbath, NOT because it was an ordinary, routine, weekly, Saturday Sabbath.
Christ Jesus gave as the ONLY sign of His authenticity as Messiah that He would be in the grave for three days AND three nights ("The Sign Of Jonah", See: Matt. 12:38-40), and He repeated the same "3-days-&-nights" statement a second time, knowing fully well that the Hebrews of HIS day would understand the prophecy to mean 72 hours, exactly.

NOT that He would be in the grave for PARTS of three different days, but in the grave for ALL of three different days - completely and in their entirety.
A Friday crucifixion, death and burial is impossible, it is merely folklore, a fantasy, a fable, and a lie !

Try running the numbers, do the math for yourself. It is mathematically impossible to fit three entire days and three entire nights (72 hours) into a span of time from late Friday afternoon to Sunday.

The concept of "Good Friday" is a myth, it has no basis in Biblical fact !

"Good Friday" is a day designated by the traditions of men, not by Scripture. Romans 3:4 insists that when traditions are contrary to Scripture, "let God be true, but every man a liar."
It is known from Scripture that Christ Jesus' burial was completed at the very end of a Passover day, as a Hebrew’s 14th day of the 1st month was just about to end, and as the Annual High Sabbath - the High Holy Day - on the 15th day was just about to begin, right at sundown.

Anyone who can count to three can easily deduce that if Christ Jesus rose from the dead at the very beginning of a Hebrew’s Sunday (Matt. 28:1), He absolutely had to be buried at the very end of a Hebrew’s Wednesday, in order to have spent three FULL nights AND days in the grave.
Holy Scripture firmly supports an "end-of-Passover-day" (Wednesday) sundown burial.

Scripture supports a High Holy Day Sabbath, an Annual High Sabbath (NOT a routine, weekly, Saturday Sabbath) on the day following Passover (Thursday).

Scripture supports an ordinary weekday (Friday) in between the two different Sabbaths, which is when the women shopped for spices to anoint the carcass.

Scripture supports Christ Jesus rising from the dead immediately after the end of a routine, weekly, Saturday Sabbath, at sundown.

And Scripture also supports a 3 days AND 3 nights term (72 hours) spent in the grave.

These facts are all so very well documented in the original Greek texts (The "Autograph" Texts) of the Bible that they are beyond debate and are undeniable.
Which means that in the year of Christ Jesus’ crucifixion, death, burial and resurrection, the Passover had to fall on a Hebrew’s Wednesday, the 14th day of the Jew’s 1st month, CE 31.

In the Hebrew year 3791.

And, as everyone with so much as a "lick-of-sense" knows, a Hebrew’s Wednesday always begins on a Gentile’s Tuesday night, at sundown; just as it is so very well known that a Hebrew’s routine, weekly, Saturday Sabbath begins on a Gentile’s Friday night, at sundown.
Most people, including most Hebrews, know very little about the Hebrew's Holy Scriptures. Also, too many people know very little about the Christian Bible and, so, know nothing of the information about the Crucufuxion of Christ Jesus detailed above.

Even many (most) genuine Christian believers do not fully understand the Hebrew orientation of the Holy Scriptures and never make the theological connection between the Judaism of Christ Jesus and its Christian applications.

Mankind's customs and traditions, even if pious and heartfelt, are not recognized by God as true worship: In Mark 7:6-7 and Matthew 15:7-9, Christ Jesus stated: "Well did Isaiah prophesy of you hypocrites... in vain do they worship me... teaching as doctrines the traditions of men... thus making the word of God of none effect."

There is always great danger of NOT understanding the Bible stories when one knows the Easter traditions and Christmas carols (folklore based upon Roman Catholic myths and fables) BETTER than one knows the Bible itself.
Burial was completed at sunset, at the very end of a Hebrew’s Wednesday.

Death in the grave included ALL of a Hebrew’s Thursday, ALL of a Hebrew’s Friday, and ALL of a Hebrew’s Saturday.

And resurrection was at sunset on the very beginning of a Hebrew’s Sunday, on the Hebrew's Feast of First Fruits, the Sunday following The Passover. At a time of day Gentiles (even today, still) refer to as Saturday night.

But NOT at sunrise Sunday morning !
In the year of Christ Jesus' crucifixion, pagan Easter had already occurred 25 days before The Passover. He was NOT resurrected on THAT Easter unless He arose from the grave 25 days before He died !
Christ Jesus was crucified on a Wednesday, in CE 31. On a Gregorian calendar date that we (today) would call April 24. And, since Easter was on March 31, in that year, Christ Jesus was crucified 25 days AFTER Easter !


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