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Since, in 2016, Easter occurs 25 days
WHEN will YOU celebrate PENTECOST in 2016?

The method of calculation
to determine the
Scripturally correct annual date for the Christian celebration of Pentecost absolutely demands Biblically-oriented, Hebrew-centric thought and practice.


The modern Christian term "Pentecost" simply means
"Count 50" in the Greek language.


is the Greek word used in the Septuagint translation of the Old Testament
in reference to the Hebrew's Feast/Festival of Shavuot,
which is celebrated every year in very late spring.


The correct annual date for Pentecost is not connected to the date of Easter, and Pentecost did not originate with the beginnings of Christianity.


Pentecost is a Hebrew High Holy Day,
an Annual High Sabbath
(a "
Pilgrimage" Sabbath),
first ordained in the Book of Exodus.


In the Bible, Pentecost was originally known as...

"The Feast Of Harvest" or "The Feast Of Weeks".

Ex. 23:14-17  |||  Lev. Chapter 23  |||  Deu. 16:16


Pentecost always occurs on a Sunday, 50 days from the Hebrew's Feast of First Fruits.

And, the Feast of First Fruits is always on the Sunday following The Passover.

And, the Sunday following The Passover is when Christ Jesus was resurrected.

And, The Passover is when Christ Jesus was crucified.


The Roman Catholics established the "50 days from Easter" date 300 years after Christ Jesus, around the 4th century, CE; while God established the "50 days from the Hebrew's Feast of First Fruits" date during the Exodus, around the 15th century, BCE.

Whom should one believe (trust) to accurately determine the correct date for Pentecost?
God, maybe?

 While, most often, both
the Hebrew's First Fruits and the pagan's Easter
occur on the same Sunday (following The Passover),

Easter is

and falls a month before The Passover.

(RE: In 2024 - 2016 - 2008 - 2005 - 1997 - 1989 - 1986 - 1978 - 1975 - 1970 - 1967 - 1964, etc.)

And, in 2016, Resurrection Day happens BEFORE Crucifixion Day!

In 2016, Christ Jesus is scheduled to rise-from-the-dead, on Easter,
a month BEFORE His
death and burial on The Passover.

During any given century,
a capricious Easter occurs before The Passover
about 20% of the time.


When a Christian
counts 50 days from
Easter in hope of determining the date for Pentecost, in those years when a capricious Easter occurs before The Passover, a false date for Pentecost will occur about a month before the authentic Biblical Pentecost. A month before the God-ordained, God-blessed, God-established Pentecost (Shavuot) on the Hebrew calendar.


There is only ONE genuinely
authentic Pentecost, annually!

There is NOT a separate "Christian" Pentecost
on a different date than the

There is not a traditional "Christian" Pentecost on some different date,
there is only a "False" Pentecost on some different date.


In 2008, most all observant Christians blindly followed apostate Roman Catholicism's flawed ecclesiastical calendar and, on May 11, 2008, observed a false Pentecost on the 50th day from a capricious Easter,

27 days earlier...

....than on June 7, 2008, the Biblically correct day for Pentecost, which was the 50th day from the Sunday following The Passover.


Ask yourself...

Whenever a capricious Easter occurs on a wildly earlier date than The Passover, how can Christ Jesus be resurrected from the grave on any Easter that comes


His crucifixion, death and burial ON The The Passover?


The pre-Christian pagans,
who had always celebrated Easter, never had a subsequent major holy day on the 50th day from Easter Sunday. It is the Hebrews who have a major holy day 50 days from the Sunday that follows The Passover.


On the first "Christian" Pentecost, the correct date was determined by using the Hebrew calendar, it was neither calculated from nor associated with pagan Easter.


Pentecost first began to be calculated from, and associated with, Easter early in the 4th Century, CE.


Roman Catholicism divorced the Christian celebration of Pentecost from The Passover and permanently connected it with pagan Easter, no matter that Easter is capricious and is NOT always on the Sunday


And, remember...

Christ Jesus was resurrected on the Sunday following The Passover.


In the year Christ Jesus was crucified and resurrected, Easter was 25 days before The Passover.

He was NOT resurrected on Easter at all, since that capricious Easter had already occurred almost a month before He died!


All of the events
surrounding the Pentecost of the New Testament
(Acts Of The Apostles, Chapter 2)

occurred on a major Hebrew
High Holy Day,
an Annual High Sabbath Day,
which is a "
Pilgrimage" Sabbath
called Shavuot.


And all of the earliest Christians had been Hebrews,
not celebrants of pagan heathen Easter.


Observant Hebrews, in the time of Christ Jesus, ignored pagan heathen Easter,
just as the pagan heathens ignored the Hebrew's holy days.


The Hebrews were not burdened with the confusion of pagan heathen Easter,
but Christians ARE burdened with this confusion today.


Ecclesiastical Calendar
Examine the Easter - Passover - Pentecost
Holy Days for...2016

pentecost 2016


In 2016, the Roman Catholics, The Episcopalians, The Methodists, and most all other Christian denominations which focus so strongly (and wrongly!) on Easter will be falsely and meaninglessly celebrating the Christian Pentecost on
May 15, 2016 ...
....while the genuinely authentic, God-ordained, God-established Pentecost
is 27 Days later, on
June 11, 2016.


With this information, why should you attempt
to celebrate the Christian Pentecost, in 2016,
on a false and meaningless date?

You could easily follow the Holy Scriptures to discover when to celebrate Pentecost on the Biblically correct, God-ordained date!



WHEN will YOU celebrate


in 2016?



The most likely year for the crucifixion, death, burial and resurrection of Christ Jesus is CE 31.

Since it is generally recognized and accepted among Non-Roman Catholic Christian scholars and theologians that Christ Jesus was born in early Fall of the year BCE 4...

....and that He was reputed to be about 30 years old when He was baptized, by
John-The-Baptist, in mid-September of the year CE 28,
(At the very beginning of the 15th year of
Emperor Tiberius)...

....His crucifixion, death, burial and resurrection occurred
in early Spring of the year CE 31.

There are 33½ years between early Fall, BCE 4; and early Spring, CE 31.


Additionally, the Hebrews of Christ Jesus' day kept time by counting their days and dates from sunset -to- sunset (from dusk -to- dusk), but Romans and Middle Eastern, pagan, heathen, Gentiles (who had originated and still celebrated Easter) kept time by counting their days and dates from sunrise -to- sunrise (from dawn -to- dawn).


The Middle Eastern, pagan, heathen Gentiles began this sunrise (dawn) timekeeping practice in ancient Babylon, c. 4,000 BCE, as a central feature of their sun-worship-based religion. And that explains the supreme importance of Easter Sunday sunrise religious and worship services, which have been in existence since Easter was first instituted more than 5,000 years ago.


The Hebrews do not celebrate pagan Easter, and...
Easter does not begin when a Hebrew's Sunday begins, and...

Since a Hebrew's Sunday begins at a time that we (today) call
6 -or- 7pm, on what we call Saturday night, and...

Since Christ Jesus was
resurrected very early on a Hebrew's Sunday,
at a time-of-day the pagan, heathen Gentiles (of His day) referred-to as Saturday night, then...

Christ Jesus was NOT resurrected on any Easter, at all, no matter which year is the correct year for His Crucifixion.



If it is true that Christ Jesus actually was crucified, dead, buried and resurrected in the year CE 31, He absolutely was NOT resurrected on Easter!


A capricious, pagan, heathen Easter had already occurred 25 days BEFORE He was nailed to His cross!


For, how could He be resurrected from death BEFORE He was crucified and buried in the grave?


But, it really does not matter which year the resurrection actually occurred, since (in that day and age) Easter did not officially begin until
sunrise (dawn),
12 hours after Christ Jesus'
resurrection at sundown (dusk)...

Even if it is your personal belief (in opposition to
Matt. 28:1) that Christ Jesus was resurrected just before sunrise, He was still resurrected on a Gentile's Saturday, before Easter Sunday officially began - AT sunrise!

The  Answer  Is...

Christ Jesus was NOT resurrected on any Easter at all !!!


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